Friday, September 25, 2009

Wisdom's Gift

Of raging suns I bore the heat,
the fires of Hell I did defeat,
on glowing coals with naked feet
I let my Spirit wander.

To heights of Heaven I did rise,
all Creation spread before my eyes,
and on that Truth that upholds the wise
I set my mind to ponder.

From mountain spires to ocean deeps,
in crowded markets and quiet keeps,
through waking dreams and dreamless sleep
I gazed in silent wonder

On that which eyes have never seen,
the purity of all unclean,
that which is yet is unseen
that all Creation's under;

From fires of Hell to Heaven's heights,
the sun-warm days and velvet nights,
the rich man's wealth and the pauper's plight,
the lightning and the thunder.

Having been and known all,
the wordless answer, soundless call
the angel's flight and the demon's fall
and passion's perfect blunder,

Still I gaze and still I see
a Cosmos made of mystery
where beings such as you and me
can only stand in wonder.

For wonder is a precious thing,
and Wisdom's gift is wondering.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Do not pull yourself from the fire too soon.
That heat has work to do on you,
and the Master Forger knows far better
than metals she is pounding
into plowshares
and amulets
and swords.

Do not curse the flames that strengthen,
that make shiny and sharp
the dull iron of the heart.
That Master forger is working, pounding
night and day,
to turn you into something useful
and beautiful
and strong.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am a concubine for my Lord
and poor prostitute,
never demanding my wages,
taking sweet words
as payment.

And when that pimp,
the World,
comes looking after me
my hands are empty,
my pockets barren.

And yes, I will be beaten,
each lash sweet
with the memory of my Lord's