Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Generous Friend

Once there was a man who had a friend to whom he was very much attached.  The man loved his friend dearly, and to express this fact he paid workmen to construct a house for his friend to live in.

But the man was busy and his many obligations obliged him to travel to all corners of the globe.  His friend, who was as attached to the man as the man was to him, could not bear to be separated from him even for one instant, such was his devotion.

And so the friend traveled all over with the man, never leaving his side, and as a consequence the man's friend never spent a single night in the house that the man had built for him.

Brothers and Sisters listen: it is this way with Churches too.

The thought of God creates buildings and institutions,
but the Divine makes its dwelling place ever in the hearts of her people. 

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